Hellas Gas

The company HELLAS GAS was founded in 1997 by people with experience and excellent co-operations in the field of gaseous fuels. With our constant search for modern and pioneer applications, the particular stress on after sale service by specialized technicians, the specialization in the technical study and installation of gaseous fuel networks, combustion systems, measurement and control systems, we are in a position to achieve the best possible results thus providing a sound basis for the beginning of successful co-operations.

The activities of HELLAS GAS cover the whole spectrum of uses of industrial, business and domestic gaseous fuel networks.
By offering our long gained experience, we take care of our customers by understanding their needs in order to propose and achieve the best possible solution.

At our facilities at HELLAS GAS, there are organised technical offices, workshops for the production of lpg appliances, a converting workshop for the installation of lpg conversion equipment for vehicles and company's warehouse.

By means of our specialised personnel and external workshops, the careful staffing of our offices and the expansion of the applications of our company, we constantly aim for the provision of the highest quality of services responsibly and punctually.

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